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Earning My Quarter Mile Posts

Sri Lanka #2 Galle

Galle is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. From fresh catch of fish to the best the literary world has to offer, the place has the right mix. We also visited while the Galle Literary Festival was going on so the city was teeming with literature enthusiasts and writers (some of them staying at our hotel). With travellers from the world over making Galle their home, this is a great place to explore southern Sri Lanka from.


Sri Lanka #1 Colombo

Despite being right in our backyard, we rarely ever considered Sri Lanka for a holiday. The civil war ended years ago and this beautiful tropical country is well on its way to heal itself and move on. We did expect sunny beaches and good food. What we found was much much more. Incredibly warm and honest people. Well behaved, clean cities. Quaint country side. A slowly but surely growing counter-culture. Lots and lots of things to do. And yes food. Fantastic food.


Guangzhou Photostory

Thanks to work, a small trip to Guangzhou came up. Having never been to China, this was an interesting little development. But this was a trip for me so something had to go wrong. I landed at the much larger than expected Baiyun Airport in the afternoon and was supposed to head straight to the office for a meeting that had begun earlier in the morning. Before I entered the meeting, however, I was supposed to change into my work clothes. I was on a very tight schedule.

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DIY Retro bookcase

Old wooden trunks have a kind of romance to them. They have seen a lot during their time. Instead of throwing them away or letting them rot, converting them to something interesting and useful is always better. We took an old (probably about 20 years old) wooden trunk which has seen very rough usage (it belonged to an army man) and converted it into a bookshelf.

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