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Tinkering With My Ride

So now I come down to brasstacks. The bike needs to be ready. Few things that I always missed on the bike. Fog lamps. Flashing all indicator lights. And most definitely the silencer.

Mind you these aren’t really mods. They are more conveniences.

The new Enfields have these long silencers which (unfortunately!) actually work. I mean they tend to cut out the loud thumping noise of the single cylinder workhorse.

But then, what’s the point of a thumper if it doesn’t thump. There is, thankfully, the option of retrofitting the short bottle silencer on to the newer models. They give out that nice sound and, some claim, although I find it hard to believe, that they improve power output by a few notches. Here’s what it looks with the short bottle silencer.

Then came the point of visibility. Fog lamps, I think, should be default for all vehicles made with an intention of touring. More than once would every biker have felt the need to have stronger, brighter lamps to see better or to force the oncoming freak to lower his beam. Unfortunately bike headlamps can do only so much. More so for the Enfield. So, I got two 55W fog lamps. Attempt was to install them on the holes on the side of the headlights but the headlamps were both for the same side (;)) and one of them didn’t fit. So I fixed it to the frame. This is what it looks like now.

Then there were the indicator lights. Every biker knows that on the road, two wheels = invisible to the rest of the world. This is more so when the rain comes down nice and hard. So, all lights blinking is a good thing. Unfortunately, this little piece of luxury is not an option that cross the good ol’ people at Enfield.

With the fog lamps on, its quite a nice sight.

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