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Reached Delhi

Been four days. Have seen the whole thing from close quarters now. Its a different feeling. Very sobering feeling. Keeping oneself inspired for hours on end. Singing songs to oneself. Making it a point to not miss any checkpoint / exit. Worst of all, not exceeding a particular speed even when the entire bloody highway is wide open.

Mumbai to Surat is decent roads but with one hell raising section of Ghodbunder (Mumbai, almost) to Manor. Around 120 kms. End of Day 1. Surat to Baroda is living breathing hell. Worst roads I have seen in life. Baroda to Ahmedabad was a breeze. End of Day 2. The surprise package was the road between Ahmedabad and Ajmer – my third stop. Beautiful twisting roads nestled in the Aravallis. Absolutely gorgeous. Ajmer to Jaipur was flat out, 6 lane black top. Very dry. Very windy. Very dusty. Jaipur to Delhi, for the hype around it, was fucked up. Very bumpy. Bad traffic. Full report later.

Now in Delhi. Will leave either second half tomorrow or day after morning. Had a chat with Hitanshu (BNer, as some would know). Told me about this nice contraption which fills air using electric current rather than my precious muscular energy. Will get that done tomorrow morning.

More later. Including pictures.

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