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Month: January 2009

Maximum City. Sleepless City. Twilight City. My City.

I used to be a vegetarian. And not just any vegetarian. I was a staunch, unmovebale, People for Animals card-carrying, Maneka Gandhi loyal vegetarian. I have saved cats from being made homeless. I have stopped buffaloes from being slaughtered. That level of vegetarian. I ate veg-ala-Kiev (try it. call me if you are still alive after that) on my own birthday when everyone else around me ate chicken. THAT level of vegetarian.

Then, I came to Mumbai. They delayed my veg roll at an all-animal-food joint called Bade Miyan (if you eat animals and haven’t heard of the place, call an airline and book a ticket and head to behind the Taj Palace Hotel). Delayed it by about 30 minutes. And that minute onwards, I have eaten anything that moves.

But its not just my eating habits that Mumbai has changed.

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Next Chapter: New Delhi

Through Chandni’s blog here, came across this NGO called Pragya. It sounds quite interesting. Their USP is they operate in the Himalayas exclusively over 8,000 feet!! Isn’t that something?

It says the organization was started by two management graduates who were riding across the Himalayas from Itanagar to Leh in 1990. Moved by the deprivation of the indegenous communities in the higher reaches, they formed this organization and have been working for the cause ever since. Its interesting what they wrote.

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Mumbai International Auto Show

Sometimes, the biggest ain’t the best. No I am not saying it was the best. But the rather small (for anyone who has seen the Delhi’s Auto Expo) Mumbai International Auto Show was a lot of fun.

I don’t know who organized it or why. But they didn’t really do a nice job at it. There weren’t any product launches apart from the Xylo (which I hate so it doesn’t count) so there’s was much less buzz and hence much less people. Which meant that you were ACTUALLY going to see the cars and bikes and not come back smelling like the sweat of all the cultures of India.

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Calendar Handover Ride

Early morning on a Sunday and I am already ripping on the NH4 towards Lonavala. Its funny how a lazy bone like me who would rather cut his right hand off and feed it to a dog than wake up early in the morning would get up and be in a town a 100 kilometres away before sunrise if it involves motorcycles. My friends are right. I SHOULD marry my motorcycle.

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जिंदगी की दहलीज़ पर हाथ थामे खड़े हैं

लड़कपन की खुशियाँ जिनके संग बांटी
जवानी की सुबह की ठिठुरन काटी
आज दोस्त वो सारे दिल तोड़ चले हैं
हमेशा के लिए मुंह मोड़ चले हैं।

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The Aftermath

In her rather heart-warming and oft read commencement address (full article) for Harvard’s Class of 2008, J K Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, says:

…many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are…

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