Ye Hai Dilli Meri Jaan

Frosty is on its way home. Aboard a nice train from Udaipur, it is racing now towards Delhi. It needs an urgent heart transplant. The doctor is ready. Hopefully a spare heart will be here by the time Frosty arrives. Its been a long painful time for her.

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The Pursuit Of Happyness

I got a mail from an old friend recently. So old that I had almost forgotten he exists. And he actually thanked me for doing something I did and that it inspired him. It wasn’t exactly the bolt from the blue that changes one’s life but it set me thinking.

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Shifting Base: Mumbai To 50km Ahead Of Udaipur

No, that was not the destination planned for this journey. It was supposed to end about 650 kms ahead, in New Delhi. I was shifting base and I was loaded to the hilt. And I came to a griding halt on one fine morning in the middle of the desert. Life just likes to have some fun.

The night before, I got my oil changed (and my oil fiter, now I know). And rode on through to Udaipur on the first day. Distance: About 850 kms. Time: 15 hours. Had the compnay of Mr. Sethi till Vapi. Then pulled on alone. The night at Udaipur was like any other night. Then morning came.

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Time To Ride

I am taking a train journey after so long. A few years I think. The last one was to Diu, I think. And it wasn’t the best. I think this one’s going to be much better.

By the way, a very close friend of mine bought a cycle. Yeah, the one without a motor. A Hercules Ryders. Lovely looking set of wheels. I have reason to think I had something to do with the choice of the model. Look at his post here. I think I will buy a cycle someday. A mountain bike.

Mumbai, here I come.

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