The fog of time is often absolute. It tends to envelop everything that is past. We learn to live in the present and worry about the future. We forget things beyond yesterday.

And then once in a while, the fog lifts. For that one split second, one sees the path one has taken. A path strewn with laughter and sadness, with friends and fighting, with everything that has brought us where were. Little things. Great things. Precious things.

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From The Land of The Rising Sun – Travels

One place which is a must visit is Zemithang and onwards to Neyla and the Bhutan border. Zemithang is King Kong territory with majestic cliffs towering over the quaint little town. Fog & clouds hang over the cliffs and nearby river in perpetuity as if in a scene from an Amazon jungle movie. Surrounded by fog on the riverside one evening, I’ve never felt more along when among people. That places is your deepest thoughts etched out in 3D. The extremely lonely, scary and romantic tourist lodge on the other side of the river is the place to be with panning views of the valley.

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From The Land Of The Rising Sun – First Words

His prematurely grey hair had hardened with the harsh cold winds he faced for the last forty five summers. His left eye had a patch of white and his face was full of wrinkles telling tales of people and places no one else had seen A large stud on one of his ears stood out as he put on a genuine but wry smile for the camera.

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The Half Received Message Part II

Have you ever lost your sleep over a half received message?

Ever wondered if that 18 wheeler hurtling towards you has lost control? Or is it just fate playing games with you? Ever wondered how many times you messed up and didn’t tell anyone because no one noticed? Ever wondered how many times someone else did that to you? Take the reins of your life in their hands and steered wherever they liked.

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