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The Half Received Message Part II

Have you ever lost your sleep over a half received message?

Ever wondered if that 18 wheeler hurtling towards you has lost control? Or is it just fate playing games with you? Ever wondered how many times you messed up and didn’t tell anyone because no one noticed? Ever wondered how many times someone else did that to you? Take the reins of your life in their hands and steered wherever they liked.

Ever wondered what was the second part of the line you didn’t hear before the line went dead? What if the next thing the person said made everything alright? Or ruined everything? Will it still be worth hearing?

Ever wondered what happened to all the dreams that you had seen and were broken? Does the sky have a magic pot where it stores broken dreams? Does it keep sending them to different people every night hoping one will make them come true? When the dream comes true, does the dream die? Ever wondered if you want your dreams to die? Does it still make sense to make the dreams come true?

Ever wondered what happened to the A+R you wrote on the school wall with that pretty girl when you were 16? Or that ‘Get Well Soon’ card you sent to that friend who never responded? Did it get stuck in the mail? Ever wondered how he’s doing now? Ever wondered if that half smoked cigarette is still being thrown around by the wind on that road?

Ever wondered if this was the way you’d want your life to go on? If someone you meet along the way would change it? Ever wondered how many more broken dreams, half spoken lines, writings on the wall and half smoked cigarettes are still ahead in life?

Ever wondered what was the part missing in that half received message?

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