Sunny Evening

What would I give for just a few moments

What would I give just to have you near

Tell me you would try to slip away somehow

Oh I need you darling I want to see you right now


– Clarence Carter (OST – Almost Famous)

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Norwegian Wood

Very few books survive despite being completely honest to heart. The Catcher In The Rye. The Motorcycle Diaries. For Whom The Bell Tolls.

To that list, I can add today – Norwegian Wood.

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All For A Bath In The Summer

The fact the above was the only picture we clicked on the last ride we had gone on should tell you enough why there was no story about the same here. There are those times when you feel like strangling someone but don’t because you are too darn sweaty from the heat. This was one of those days.

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The Wonder Years

Sometimes we come across an old photograph and talk, laugh or cry for hours with friends thinking about the background of it. I ended up finding a whole bunch of photographs. And I didn’t have any friends close to me since it was 3.45 in the morning and my flatmate was sleeping and when he sleeps, everyone keeps their distance. No one wakes a sleeping tiger. Actually he is more like a greyhound but that’s not the point here really.

Two years at IIM Calcutta was the most amazing time I have spent yet. It was rigorous and yet like a holiday. I have met some of my closest friends there. I have some of my strongest memories from there. All the places, all the things, all the people are still etched very clearly in my head.

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Romancing The Wind

What was left of the day was just a heady gust of wind which made her hair frizzy. She very plainly blamed him for not getting a scarf for her. That he had asked her many times to buy one didn’t matter to him. He was ready to take the blame for all her life’s problems if the need ever arose. It had been a great day.

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