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Newcastle Photostory

Work beckoned me to Newcastle in the UK in the autumn of 2017. What started out incredibly gloomy turned out to be quite a fun week in this pretty little city.


The day I reached was horribly gloomy. Overcast. Dark. Cold. Constantly raining. Extremely uninviting. No wonder everyone says the weather is depressing.


Thankfully, the weather turned for the better over the next couple of days. The evenings were brisk but the riverside close to the hotel was buzzing with activity. I ended up taking a lot of long walks and admired the many charming aspects of the city after dark


Even the business park seemed a lot more inviting once the clouds had lifted!


Of course, the city felt a whole lot more beautiful and enticing in the day. I had the weekend to explore the rest of the city. Walking around was the best bit helping explore little nooks that guidebooks do not cover.


This being Newcastle, there must have been a castle. And we must visit it. Although it was extremely underwhelming as I am used to humungous castles here in India.


Okay. Back to sightseeing.


Until next time…

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