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London Photostory

After the work week in Newcastle, I decided to take a a few days off and head to London. So many of my friends stay there, it would be great catching up with them. I also had to meet the wife’s sis and brother in law and their cute little kid, Arjan.



Right away, I was off to Samba and Bindu’s beautiful apartment at water’s edge in Canary Wharf. We end up meeting only once every couple of years when someone is traveling. We spent a lovely night at our rooftop when they were last visiting Bangalore.


We went out sightseeing.


Big Ben was being renovated. What a downer!





As the evening wound down, it was time to meet some more of our friends. We headed deeper into the more drinky neighbourhoods leaving the touristy bits behind. Lots of drinks and lots of banter. Such a lovely evening!


Until next time…

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