Day 67: Kolkata To Bhubaneshwar

I was woken up by the banging on the door. Thankfully it wasnt’t the bald man from Hitman 2 (more ruthless than the one in the first Hitman) but Gols’ mother. I got up, realized I had no toothpaste and was too lazy to ask for it, lied to her about brushing and hogged on massive amounts of payasam and corn flakes with fruits after showing appropriate amount of reluctance. I was set when her mom dropped the laughing bomb. The car was in the driveway and I needed to back it out, take out the bike and drive it back in. Its a laughing bomb because 1. I was laughing because I was getting to drive a car (I don’t know how to drive. Yes. Me. Don’t know how to drive a car). 2. Gols would be under imaginary rubble if he heard I was going to do that to his car and laugh with the helplessness of a mule with a huge load on his back.

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Day 66: Sailor’s Bengali Wedding in Kolkata

So staying back in Kolkata has had double benefits to me.

One, thanks to Gols and his enterprising mother, I have a bag full of clean undies. As Pal said very rightly, I wouldn’t want to show my crack all over India, would I?

And two, I got to attend Sailor’s wedding. And meet a bunch of friends from B-School days. Best days of life.

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Day 63: Siliguri

Thousands of miles away from home, your butt sore with riding pain, your eyes full of dreams and scenes you have seen but not believed, the last thing you expect is someone walking up to you and being so nice you can’t believe it. Well so it happened. Here in Siliguri. The last place I had thought it could ever happen.

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Day 62: Gangtok To Siliguri

I had planeed a maximum of 4 days in Sikkim. This is the smallest state in India. And guess what, I stayed here the longest. I stayed here for 10 full days. Yes, even J&K barely lasted that long. And that is 50 times bigger than Sikkim. Probably more. I scanned the very ends of the place. Extreme points where one could go on wheels. Two wheels. Two untracked wheels (if I had wheels with tracks like tanks, I would definitely have gone further). And it was great.

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