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Day 82: Kanyakumari To Thiruvananthpuram To Kollam To Alappuzha

For the last few days, the thing on top of my mind has been the constant and rather large oil leak from the clutch case. I know the oil levels have been dangerously low and I risk damage to the main chain. I NEED TO do something about it.

Also, I was going to enter Kerala. God’s Own Country. The way I see it, the whole country is God’s Own. We have just left some Devil’s Own to take care of it.

I left Kanyakumari rather early in the morning with the obective of reaching Thiruananthpuram (T’puram) before noon and getting the bike fixed by evening. Kerala is a very different riding experience compared to any other part of the country. While it is easily one of the most beautiful areas in India and the world, it makes for one lousy place for riding. Its not a very large place but supports too many people for that size. So, no matter where you are riding in the state, you will be always be in a town / city / village / market. At all times. No exceptions. So you ride slow. Are always on the top of the concentration level. And due to the humidity and lack of speed, very very sweaty.

The service centre in Trivandrum was loaded with too much work. He said he would take two days. I said ‘Thank you very much’ and headed to Kollam, further north. No spares this time. Again, I had the sun in the left corner of my eye as I headed to Alappuzha (Allepy) – the home of the houseboats. By the time I got there the service centre had closed down. I had to park for the night. I wasn’t really liking Kerala this time around.

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