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An Ode To My Curly Twirly Twisty Friend

Hunger in my growling stomach calls to you
O my curly twirly twisty friend
You have kept me running like new
Whether it snowed or it rained.

I fear not the jungle or the desert
I fear not the hills by the sea
I fear not the cold loghut
‘Coz I know you will always stand by me.

When civilization stops, you carry on
When rivers become rapids, you cross over
Available in the evening and at dawn
You make us nomads come closer.

Sometimes you are watery, sometimes dry
You are such a wonderful thing
Imagining life without you I can’t even try
Oh my Maggi, so much happiness you bring.


If you have ever lived and traveled in India, you would know and take comfort in the fact that there is one friend around to take care of you all along. No matter where you are, what you are, what time of day it is, there is one friend always there for you. Maggi.

This is my tribute to the greatest packet of food ever made.

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