Five years on, the only thing that seems to have changed about Delhi is my perspective. Whenever I came to Delhi in the last 5 years, I looked at it with nostalgia and longing. That has changed now. This is home.

Caught up with old friends here. Some I wanted. Some I hoped. Some I never thought. Surprises have come aplently. And not everything has been that nice. Days have been sunny and yet cold. Nights have been sleepless but rarely thoughtless. Its not just the city that I have come back to after five years. You think you leave behind everything when you collect your life and take it elsewhere. And all of a sudden it hits back at you like the ghost of christmas past. Like reminding you of who is the boss. And then it bangs you all over again like last time. And says – I win.

I stood in the rain that day watching the car pull away into oblivion. I hopes it would turn around and flash its lights. But it never did. The rain kept falling and I lost track of time. I stood there again, not hoping the car would come but just to relive what it was. The car did come, however. I didn’t want to stare at those lights but they followed me. Convinced me that it tried to turn around earlier. Then banged me and went away again. The rain had started to pour.

I miss Mumbai. I just want to go to the mountains.

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