Into The Rising Sun

It is among the last remaining unexplored bastions of virgin nature in India. It is among those few places which still hasn’t found its place on the map. It is one of the most intriguing places left.

And yet.

It is a place most know nothing about even though its a part of India. Its a place whose mention only evokes images of international disputes. Its a place we talk about only when China says it wants it too. Its a place whose people are neglected even more.

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Three’s Company

The pre-dawn glow was waiting at the gates when I left the house on Friday morning. D had arrived a little while back with her little blue bag. We took about one minute to cram everything in the cramsters. As we broke the silence of the night with the roar of the full 500 cubics of the Machismo’s engine, there was a scent of freedom in the cold Delhi air. It was time to ride.

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