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The Moral Of The Story Is…

Get out there and enjoy the ride.

Get wet in the rain till you can soak no more. Let wind blow dust into your eyes till you can see through the storm. Let fatigue take over you till you become numb. And everything will be crystal clear.

This blog is getting a full stop tonight. But the story will continue. Behind the scenes. In the hearts and minds of its readers. This has been the story of my last 12 months. Arguably the best 12 months of my life yet. There will be more, I assure you. When? I don’t know.

There is one thing I leave behind for all of you who have spent time here. And I promise you this one thing can do what years of planning and doing won’t.

Everyday, do one thing that scares you.

Small or big. Important or otherwise. Do something that you don’t think you would do unless forced to. That way when life flashes past in front of your eyes years later, you’ll have one hell of a show to look at. You owe that to yourself.

Thank you everyone who read anything in this blog and let me know both your happiness and anger.

Ride hard or stay home.

Peace out.


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