So I am going to Spiti Valley. In September. That shaded region in the map with the black lines showing approximate route taken to get there. Apparently its a very beautiful place.

It seems I will have to cross a Jalori Pass. And Rohtang Pass. And Kunjum Pass. And Baralacha Pass. Also, it seems I will have to visit some nice place called Losar. And Dhankar. And Nako. And some others.

Things to do:

  • Decide date. Done. (Eyes closed, put finger somewhere on calendar)
  • Resign from work. Done. (Lot’s of prior experience there)
  • Ask some Bullet Dude if he wants to come. Done. (Not much to ask there)
  • Draw route map. Done. (See above)
  • Decide packing list. Ok… Bike, clothes, alcohol, tent. Done.
  • Wait for a month. Shit.

So now the big question is – Do I ride from Bombay to Delhi?

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