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Okay. Plan changed.

Spiti is not going anywhere. Ladakh almost did. It is time to give back. So we have decided to forget Spiti for the time being and go to Ladakh instead. We will be helping out with the relief work there to our best possible extent. We are also trying to gather some help – monetary and otherwise – and direct them to the appropriate agencies.

The region is in desperate and urgent need for shelter, food, and blankets. Winter is approaching and the relief work needed to tide over the crisis right now is massive. The region will soon be cut off completely and food supplies need to be secured. People need to be fully accommodated in shelters and heating arranged. For us from the plains, it is beyond imagination to live in sub zero temperatures without secured food supply and heating in the homes. Let us help in whatever way we can.

As far as material donation is concerned (clothes, blankets, utensils etc.), please get in touch with any of the agencies below. They have local offices in each city which act as collection points and will be happy to take all such donations.

Samarpan Foundation (
Goonj (

For cash donations, some of the verified NGOs who are doing good work in Ladakh are:

Oxfam (
Save The Children (

Also, you may send your contributions to the DC of Leh backed by the Red Cross. Make sure you send a mail with subject “Flash Flood Relief” giving details of donation you made for reconciliation.

Name of Bank: Jammu & Kashmir Bank
Name Of Branch: Leh Main
Title: Secy RED CROSS Committee
Account No.: 0069040500000276

No amount is too small. No contribution insignificant.


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