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Going Away

The clouds are coming

The ground turning dark

I have but few places to hide

My shelter tattered

The scene is reminiscent

We have been here before

But we survived

You and I

Those laughing afternoons

The lonely evenings

Nights of shadowy calm

The pregnant mornings

Searching my trembling hand

For that lucky line

With answers to mute questions

And finding nothing

Through the long dark night

You held my hand and sat, wordless

Dreamy eyed

And thankless

In the breezy shadow of the trees

I lost you somewhere

Sitting right next to you

Sitting miles away from you

When I was lost

You cried an invisible tear

Even as you broke inside

I couldn’t see what was in plain sight

And here I am, again

Fading, losing, unable to understand

I need your hand

As much as you need mine

I may rattle and scream

But you know better than that

I am just lost

I am not going away

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