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Coorg Photostory

We spent a few lovely, misty days in Coorg. This is the story.


We stopped on the way at this river. You get a lot of curious stares from the folks passing through when you stop at a bridge.


Eden Gardens, Coorg – Our home for the next few days

This was our home for the next few days. Eden Garden. Far away from Madikeri, nestled deep in coffee plantations. The property was clean. The caretaker was very helpful and made lovely food. The owners are lovely people and were happy to accommodate us even though we called them literally at the last moment. Definitely recommended.

Apologies for the tiny gif.


We went for a drive the next morning to hills surrounding Madikeri. We found a hill interesting enough for us to climb on and promptly set the Thar in 4×4 mode. Once we reached the top and witnessed the spectacular post-rain vistas of the hills, we decided to spend the day there. Out came the camping chairs, books and cameras.

We spent the better part of the day on the hill. The weather was perfect. There was a slight chill in the breeze. We were miles away from any noise. We settled in and read for a good 2-3 hours before deciding that we are hungry.


We landed at the Tiger Tiger Restaurant close to the Raja’s Seat for some authentic Coorgi cuisine. Run by a mother-son duo, they served piping hot home food made with love. The slight drizzle made the whole thing even more romantic.


Our home for the night had turned a warm yellow paradise amidst the millions of chirping crickets and croaking frogs. We loved it.


We started driving again the next morning, determined to take another unknown road. We landed up on this little stretch that seemed to go nowhere beyond a point. The Thar went into 4×4 mode again and went beyond. Then opened up a fog-swept stretch of tarmac winding its way towards heaven. There was not a soul to be found and the vegetation was green beyond belief. We listened to the whistle of the wind and let ourselves get engulfed in the flowing fog.

The road ended eventually in front of a eerie rock. Marked as a temple but hidden by the blinding fog, this was exactly the sort of dead-end that we look forward to. The wind was strong, wet and cold. We decided to explore the temple a little more.


The temple’s story, as we read, was steeped in myth. The locks outside the cave meant we could not really peer through and had to return empty handed. However, we got everything we came for – an interesting adventure.


The next morning, we took one last look at the beautiful property and headed back to Bangalore.

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