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Earning My Quarter Mile Posts

Day 7 Solan to Mandi

I had thought last night (BEFORE my Old Monk and coke) that Solan to Manali would be rather simple. Big mistake. I had breakfast till 10.30 and sat with the manager discussing the road. And he said, it will be 10 hours. It must be a mistake. I rushed to my room and checked the map. There it was. It was looooong way. Can’t make it in one day. Not on mountainous roads. Rushed my packing and was on the road in 15 minutes.

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Day 4 Ajmer to Delhi

After a nice night service by the people at the small, dingy hotel manned by very nice people, I left at around 10 am. There was a Maulvi saab to take me to the Dargah of Khwaja Salim Chisti (I hope I got the name right) but I said I will do it when I come back. Partly because I wanted to leave fast and partly because I wanted to leave it as a reason to come back to the town. I think I will love the town.

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Current Update

Update 1

Am parked at Mandi for the night. About 120 kms from Manali. The news coming from the mountains is almost exclusively bad. Passes are all closed due to heavy snowfall over the last 72 hours. Rohtang was opened last night and some three four buses stuck in Lahaul Valley were able to make it out of the valley. Over 600 people are still stuck. Am off to Manali tomorrow morning and will see the situation first hand.

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Day 2 Surat to Ahmedabad

The morning was promising. Bright sunlight. Very less cloud cover. Perfect day for riding. Started at an odo reading of 582. Need to get servicing done. The friendly neighborhood Patelbhai is at hand. Take the bike to his service station near Sahara Darwaza. He is a dealer for both Enfield and Force Motors and his workshop looks more like a commercial vehicle dhaba rather than a Bullet workshop. But his trusted mechanic makes quick work of the bike checking everything and changing the oil. A nice pressure wash later, she is as good as new. I am on the way….

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