Thousands of miles away from home, your butt sore with riding pain, your eyes full of dreams and scenes you have seen but not believed, the last thing you expect is someone walking up to you and being so nice you can’t believe it. Well so it happened. Here in Siliguri. The last place I had thought it could ever happen.

I have mentioned Sanjib Paul earlier (referred to earlier as Sanjay Paul) as the person who has toured India on bikes four times earlier. For me that is reason enough to respect him. And he made my day. From 11 in the morning when I headed to the service centre for a routine service to 4 in the evening when we finally reached his home for a delicious lunch preapred by his wife, Jhumpa. From 7 in the evening meeting his friend Suvajit (with a wanderlust to match) to 12 in the night finishing drinks and another great meal by bhabhiji. The day was great. The food was great. The place was great. But more than everything else, the people were great.

We did discuss about taking the world tour together. Unfortunately, I think our philosophies on touring don’t match and so it may not be possible. But then, who knows. Let’s see.

Thank you Sanjib, Suvajit and especially, Jhumpaji for making my day.

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