When I left Siliguri, there was but one thought in my head. I have to ride on those godforsaken screwed up potholed roads all over again. I had thought of doing an ironbutt ride all the way into Orissa but the thought of riding fast on those roads sent shudders down my spine and I settled for two days to Kolkata routine.

And as if the Gods had heard me, the surprise was upon me. All the way from Siliguri to Farakka, the road had been freshly relaid. That’s about half the journey to Kolkata. Absolutely nice. I kept doing speeds over 90 when earlier crossing 40 meant going headlong into a pothole. It was great. But then God has his way of reminding he has given it all and we need to appreciate it. So from Farakka all the way to Behrampore in the night and then next to Kolkata the roads were as if imported straight from hell.

Kolkata, however, has been a nice surprise. Gols is in town. Am putting up at his new place in Salt Lake. And of course, there was Someplace Else. Rocking party for the night. Insomnia paid a tribute to good ol’ Jim Morrison and The Doors and then Saturday Night Blues came on. The party rocked on till 4 in the morning. Such a lovely night after so long.

The next day is Bhaskar’s wedding. My first chance to see a traditional bengali wedding. Getting ready to go there right now. Heading out to Orissa tomorrow. Hope to reach Cuttack by sundown.

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