First things first. The bike seemed out of tune. Am not taking any chances with that. Off to the RE dealer who happened to be next door. The carburettor tuning was off completely hitting the mileage. The electric start bearings had stopped working (happened ages ago) and were now affecting the magnet’s movement leading to problems in the starting. Also got the front brakes checked. Took me all day but all problems are now gone and it should be a smooth, fast, painless ride.

A lot of people ask me (including my flatmates) why I stick to the mechanic’s shop looking at everything being done to it. Why can’t I just leave it like the Honda or the the Yamaha guys do. The thing is this. The Royal Enfield is an infinitely customizeable machine. Not just in terms of looks but also in terms of what every part does and to what extent. Being completely mechanical, it can be tuned to a person’s needs and wants. And if you aren’t sitting there, you get a bike which runs according to the mechanic’s wishes. Its very high involvement. Like it or hate it.

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