Its a Sunday. But that’s not the only reason why it is such a bad day for riding.

Its a sooooper lazy day. I didn’t feel like getting off my bed. I wanted a bathtub and me inside it. I wanted the AC on at full blast. And I wanted Quantum of Solace on TV. So it was a very bad day for riding halfway across tropical Tamil Nadu. South India, I guess, is like that.

Half heartedly, I got my ass out of bed and on my bike at around mid-day. It was sunny. Very hot and humid. Not worth going out, I almost decided. But for some reason, I didn’t go back up. (I later realized the reason was that I would have to untie the luggage again which was way more work than starting the bike and heading out on the road.)

My pants became sweaty very soon and riding was acutely uncomfortable. The roads were okay which was only a saving grace. The heavy jacket and the helmet (both of which are “ventilated”) were a pain. I wanted to get rid of both of them but had no place to keep either. I was stuck.

Slowly, I rode through the villages and towns passing through the same gawking eyes, excited kids and surprised elders I see everywhere. It wasn’t until 6.30 that I made it to Tiruchirapalli (more popularly known as Trichy, as I today realized). As I checked into another rather expensive hotel, I was wondering how long before I run out of money. It seems like a photo finish as of now.

By the way, I was right about the clutch case oil seal. It is leaking again.

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