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Going Broke

There are some things which no one can describe to you for. Like how Alice felt when she was going down the rabbit hole. Like what were Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo were thinking when they were drinking in the hotel in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. Like why the dog sticks its head out of the car. Like what it feels like being broke.

It is day 88 of my epic (?) journey and I have gone broke. Officially. Completely.

I have spent about 1.2 lakhs on it. Some say its not that expensive. I am sure my parents will go ballistic just seeing that much money being burnt on something so silly like a motorcycle trip. Well, whatever it is, it’s gone now. I need to earn all over again.

Maybe its also the right time to ask the question – Was the juice worth the squeeze?

And the answer is rather clear now. Yes. Not all the moments. Not all the things. Not all the places. Not all the people. But the many many which the above negative list leaves out were worth many a lifetime.

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