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Day 89 & 90: (Still At) Bangalore

Ok, let me say this first. The ride ain’t over yet. The ride started in Mumbai and it will end in Mumbai. I am as close to the 90 day estimate I had with me when I started off. Going broke was an event I had already foreseen. I am just thankful it happened here and not in some place I don’t know anyone. But then, that would have been fun.

Things haven’t changed much since the rather dramatic event of going broke happened. In fact, nothing has changed. At all. Maybe because I still don’t have to pay for my food. Whatever.
Now one thing that will probably change is the ride plan from here. I was planning to spend a day in Kasaragod (Kerala), Gokarna and Devbag (Karnataka) and some extra time in Goa. But I guess all that will change. Now its pretty much straight to Mumbai maybe passing through Goa. Will have to see how it pans out.

The bike came back today from Muneerda (the mechanic). Seems to have given some serious thought to the bike. It feels much smoother and a lot of the random noises coming earlier have vanished. The engine is still a little clunky but that will have to wait.

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