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Day 91 & 92: Still Bangalore. Yawn.

Good friends are like parents. Once you reach home, they pain you till you get frustrated enough not to discuss it anymore and agree to stay the extra day. For 10 days in a row. I think the similarities between friends and parents end there but then, that is not important here.

What is important here is that I have spent nine days in Bangalore now. I have had no agenda. I eat too much because there is way too much time to spend. I haven’t gone out too much since this is a huge city and I hate huge cities. I am not ready to face a large city any earlier than I absolutely have to. And that will happen only in Mumbai.

The weather is absolutely great. The apartment’s still ‘fully functional’ minus a few glitches. The fridge is completely empty. The TV is as usual boring. ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ sucked royally. “Oye Lucky. Lucky Oye’ was quite nice. ‘Batman Begins’ was awesome.

Thursday night. Hard Rock Cafe. Friday night. Tavern. Saturday night. Khaitan’s place.

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