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Day 93: Nandi Hills (Near Bangalore)

As we woke up to today’s bright and sunny morning at the early hour of noon, we thought – Let’s make ourselves useful. Krishna is the sort of person who can help you make yourself useful but you need to sort of tell him the way. So I said Nandi Hills.

The road is peaceful. Especially because it was a Sunday. The road up to Nandi Hills is nice and twisty, sometimes too twisty. The danger to life and limb is strong given the narrowness of the road but people we came across were very civilized drivers making it a cakewalk. There were massively broken patches but nothing to worry. The top, instead of being like the western ghats in Maharashtra is a temple compound of sorts. Since we reached there after dark, it wasn’t too difficult a decision to return without seeing the temple. I am equally sure that if it was daytime and they chased us with chainsaws forcing us to visit the temple, our decision would have been the same.

On the way back all the traffic was gone and the dark road was there for our taking. So we went on blinkers and headlamps and clicked away.







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