I got a mail from an old friend recently. So old that I had almost forgotten he exists. And he actually thanked me for doing something I did and that it inspired him. It wasn’t exactly the bolt from the blue that changes one’s life but it set me thinking.

The smallest of actions can often do what the biggest of thoughts fail to achieve. One can go around the world in an effort of self-realization without seeing what it is really that drives us all. We look far and wide to find out what makes us the happiest and return back home to find out it was always where you were. You just didn’t look. We hope that something big will happen, a lightning strike maybe, and it will make everything all right. Just like in the movies. But the smallest of things happen and make you stop and think if all you needed in life is already around you. Your people, your thoughts, your connections, your actions.

I went back to the other such mails I had got over the past couple of months from people known and unknown, remembered and forgotten. And I realized that there was a common theme in all of them. They were all looking for answers and thought I knew all of them. There was expectation in them. There was pride in what someone else had done. But above all, there was hope. Hope that someday they will see what I did, feel what I felt and have all the answers which I have today.

I don’t know how much I have changed our lives but I can tell you this much. What you wrote meant much more to me than all the things I did. Thank you for every word you wrote.

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